Gaby Berglund Cardenas

Bosatt i Huoston, USA

Through time my work has revolved around universal themes such as motherhood, the search for identity and above all human relations, materialism, communication and the suffering they inevitably invoke. I use the female figure as a format for discussing social, cultural, political or physichological issues that concern me as a human being. My work usually responds to the detail of a scene or a story from readings of contemporary and historic issues or travels. Focusing my work on women's bodies and maind can seem very intimate but at the same time is universal.

Printmaking and bookbinding have a strong presence in my work as I embrace the complexity of printed art. There's a spiritual power in the process of printing and repetition, like saying a mantra. At the same time I see printing as equal partner with my paintings, drawings and installations. When selecting materials, it's about the medium that best expresses my narratives both formally and conceptually.

Something particular about my woodcut prints is that they are not printed by machine but by foot, an ancient Japanese technique I learned from a Korean Master.

In bookbinding I use papers and textiles I collect in my travels as well as hand-sewed prints and excerpts from antique books. I also incorporate calligraphy ink scripts that are several meters long and that I make part of my meditative practice. This process could reminds me of what Zen monks did in the past, drawing Enzo cirkles as part of their meditation.