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Grafik i Väst (GiV) is a non-profit organization for printmakers with the mission to exhibit and sell the members´ artwork, and initiate and support different kinds of cooperation that aim to strengthen the situation and conditions for printmaking. This work is co-financed by Region Västra Götaland.

GIV was founded in 1991, due to a clear need among printmakers for a printmaking-specific nexus in western Sweden, as a complement to other local art institutions.
The original group of 50 local artists from different workshops in Region Västra Götaland has now grown to about 280 national and internationally-based members. The gallery houses a collection of about 4500 printed works, where the audience meets a wide range of artistic expressions.

With the assistance of our Administrator, we organize well-attended exhibitions in our gallery in central Gothenburg, as well as in other locations in Sweden and abroad. We offer artist presentations, collaborations in various workshops and lectures, regularly documenting and cataloging our artists' works for our online archive and web-shop, and we award an annual scholarship to students in printmaking. GiV is also a member of ENDEGRA: European Network for Development and Education in printmaking/grafik. www.endegra.org
GiV is active in the political discussion concerning cultural policies in our contemporary and future society. We see the cultural heritage of printmaking not as something we preserve just to celebrate its history, rather as an artistic field that we continue to develop because of its ongoing communicative usefulness. In this we recognize the linguality of art; its ability to express human experience.

Freedom of expression and freedom of the press are clear, inseparable and irrefutable references.

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