Nasrin Taghizadeh

Nasrin lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.

She studied art at The Gerlesborg school 2002 where she was awarded a scholarchip.
For years Nasrin worked in ceramics and oil painting. She became intrested in printmaking when attending a course in graphics in 2004. Since then she has specialized in printmaking.
​The use of paper and bits of paper or sewing thread, and the experimental use of material, old and new, give her work an air of vitality and spontaniusness. Her works are done in rich and vital color reflecting her love of nature.

Nasrin has exhibited in Sweden, France, Denmark and Monaco.
​She is a member of Husby Konst & Hantverksförening, Grafiska Sällskapet, Grafik i Väst, KKV Konstnärernas kollektiv verkstad, VGG Verkstadens Grafiska Grupp, Konstnärscentrum Öst, BUS.